Monday, 19 November 2012

Winterizing your Road Bike

You will need a fuel stabilizer, engine oil and a filter, all which can be obtained at your local motorcycle shop,
Fuel stabilizer
you will need some basic tools a drain pan and a place to work.

1st - you want to top up your fuel tank. (we want as little as possible metal exposed to moisture), add your fuel stabilizer to the fuel and run the engine, I like to take a short ride to mix the stabilizer.

2nd - The hot oil change, it is always best to do a hot oil change (you will get most of the old oil drained if it is hot), why change the oil ?. Oil will suspended carbon, moisture etc. within it, when mixed together they make up acids and other nasty stuff,  you don't want this sitting on your engine parts for the next 6 months, another benefit is that in the spring you are ready to go.
Dispose of the wast oil responsibly,  my shop takes used oil from our customers there is no charge, and remember always use caution when working around a hot engine.

3rd - The carburetor. I recommend draining the float bowls.
You will find the drain screw on the lowest point on the float bowl, it is either a phillips, slot or hex head, sometimes getting to the drain can be difficult you may have to remove additional fairing parts etc.
Place a pan under the bike, some carburetors have drain hoses, others do not, for those ones cut a oil container bottom off and makes a small pan to catch the fuel, loosen the drain and let the fuel flow until it stops, do this for each of the carburetors, tighten the drain, Always use caution you are dealing with a flammable liquid, dispose of the fuel responsibly.

3a - If you own a fuel injected engine the stabilizer and hot oil change is all that is needed, there is nothing to drain.

Oxford Maximizer 360T
4th - Battery Storage, you can connect a battery tender to the battery, it will maintain the voltage. There are many types on the market you will pay around $50.00 - 100.00 for one, the battery can remain in the bike.or you could remove it.
I like to leave the battery in my bikes, assuming you have a good charging system and the battery is fully charged, I just disconnect the negative cable. I have done this for years and have had no problems, but before going into service in the spring, i charge the battery, then connect the negative cable, I get 4-5 years of service from my batteries.

Battery Tender JR
Oxford Oximiser 9000

 5th - I like to apply wax to the finish and cover the bike.My bikes are kept in a unheated shelter so i only use a dust cover, if yours sits out side, I recommend a good quality all season cover you can expect pay from $150.00 - $200.00.

I let my bikes sit protected by the storage process and only start them up when, i am ready to ride in the spring.

Any questions you have please contact me. I will do my best to answer them all. 


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