Sunday, 9 September 2012

What were they thinking!

I find as I get older, my tolerance for idiots is about "Zero". Every summer,  I look forward to getting away with my family for a much deserved vacation at our favorite camping spot . We've raising our children to enjoy dirt biking, camping, boating, and all the other things that camping has to offer. Over the years, we've enjoyed meeting up our old friends, and new ones, to relax and enjoy time away from the day to day grind of city life. This year unfortunately, we had some individuals that I'm sure were rejects from the Maclean Creek Gong Show. Any decent people that have camped in this area knows what I talking about.

Now, I have no problems with my fellow campers that unwind by sitting around the camp fire, laughing and making a little noise. But we also try to be considerate of those around us. The group we encountered this year, had zero regard for any of the rules. From racing up and down the roads, going the wrong direction on one way trails, and cranking up their stereos until 3 in the morning. This group didn't stop there. They also felt it was their god given rite to have fires where it was clearly posted "No Camp Fires", not to mention, letting their dogs run wild, bothering everyone on the beach. Here's a group that kicked "STUPIDITY" into high gear.  They spent all of their time breaking every rule I can think of, both legally and morally.  These idiots would fire up their quads at 3:00 am, and  then  rip up and down the roads. I'm sure it didn't include the use of a helmets. I only say this due to the fact they hadn't been wearing any all day. You could see they had no regard for their fellow campers, or the law, by ripping around on Crown land that was clearly marked "NO MOTORIZED VEHICLES BEYOND THIS POINT", not to mention chasing the livestock. I'm sure if one of the ranchers had seen this, there would have been a few heads mounted over the fire place.

 This type of  person is the reason it's getting harder to find a place to camp, and to enjoy all the outdoor actives that camping has to offer. The worst part, they had two small children with them. I just  wonder what they think they're teaching their kids, that it's OK to be an idiot, and show total disrespect for all those around you. It's funny how some think it's a good thing to pass down stupidity from one generation to another, what a shame. It seems today that there are those in our society  have lost their moral compass, not showing any respect or consideration for those around them. The down side is their actions can have a direct effect on all of us. From limiting access for off road riding, and access to the beauty of the great outdoors.  I don't know if we should blame the parents, or their kids.  We did follow up by contacting the authorities, and tickets were issued, but I doubt it had any effect, except financially. Hopefully it will encourage them not to return to our hideaway, but then people like this just turn up somewhere else. I spent my whole life teaching my children, and their friends, to show respect to other people, and their property. The reality is, there's always going to be those who just don't care, just watch the news or read a newspaper. I'm at a point in my life where I just can't sit back and say nothing. I guess I'm just getting old. Maybe it's a good thing. Thanks for taking the time to listen. Feel free to leave a comment.

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