Monday, 20 August 2012

CWCR 2012 Day Four

Day four and it's time to head for home. We had a late start today, and after a quick coffee in the lobby, it was time to get moving. I started the day by washing the bike and inspecting my rear tire that was starting to develop a  flat spot, it looks like dropping the pressure was doing the trick. We left the Super 8 and headed north up the #93 to Eureka. We were on the hunt for a greasy spoon for breakfast, and came across this joint called the Cafe Jax. It was a busy little place that seemed to be the town hot spot, always a good sign. The portions were good, the coffee cups huge, and a great atmosphere to boot. After breakfast, it was time to head  for the boarder, and then home. There was a long line just to get to the duty free, not to mention the boarder crossing. The line started moving a little faster after they decided to open a third lane. Thank god, because the heat was making  it a little uncomfortable with all our gear on. Once we cleared the boarder and got back on the road, things cooled off. The traffic was steady, but not overly congested, We stopped briefly in the town of Blairmore, and I downing a 5 hr energy drink to keep myself alert for the final leg of the ride. We headed up the #22, then over to Nanton, and the final run for home. All in all, it was a great ride. It's funny, when you start head for home, all you can think about is getting there. When you finally arrive, all you can think about is being back on the road. Well, with this years ride behind us, I guess it's time to start planning for next year. Watch for my re-cap on the trip, and also product reviews on some of the toys we had with us. Thanks for following the ride.

I need nourishment

Loaded and ready to go

Say good by to the Super 8

Good people

Good times

See the rabbit, looks like road kill
But wait it is beginning to move

Now its sitting up. its alive what's with people in rabbit suits

You gonna eat all that

Cafe Jax
In line at the border

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