Monday, 20 August 2012

CWCR 2012 Day Three

 We start our day  by making some emergency repairs to Chris's bike. It seems the day before, while chasing Dylan and Mike Q, he took a rock in the rad, and the drift camera didn't fair so well either. It took a direct hit from a rock and broke the lens. As for the repairing of the punctured rad, I used a old mechanics trick. Using some black pepper I got from the restaurant, I added it to the rad, circulated the coolant until the fan came on, and end of problem. Then in was a matter of topping up the over flow, and putting the fairing half back on. Before hitting the road for the day, we had a nice breakfast at the restaurant. I took the opportunity to take a look at the camp across the river, not much there, some cabins and camping spots, a beautiful view of the valley from the bridge. We headed back along the #12 and stopped at the top of the LoLo pass to take in the view. The Visitor Information Center was open, and we found out some interesting facts about the area. Things like, you can take duel purpose bike and travel along the tops of the mountains, the same trek that Lewis and Clark took when exploring the area. This is a great idea for a adventure ride. At the intersection of the #12 and #93, we decided to stop  at the Gun Bar for lunch. This place is cool, they display all types of guns, knifes, well worth a look. We continued up the #93 into Kailispell, and then onto White Fish, were we sat out side and enjoyed the remainder of the after noon, later we went down town to Bulldogs for a burger and drink. Another great day.

Parking lot repair

Support group

Dylan's new hat

Great place to eat

You can see the smoke from the forest fires

Entrance to the camping spot across the river

View from bridge looking west

A job well done

Top of LoLo Pass

Stopped in Polson for fuel and water

Tire showing a lot of wear. adjust pressure down to 32 psi
Old friend from the CBX Club days

Super eight whitefish

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