Monday, 23 July 2012

Hes Ride Day Three, Sunday

Sunday morn Rick and i took some time to explore Salmom , we found some cool old buildings, one in particular caught our attention, it was founded in 1895. One can only imagine what it was like back then, "The real Wild West" after a brief tour of the town we started towards Macall, 438 k away, there was very little traffic which makes for a great ride. The scenery was spectacular, due to our tour of the town, we had to make up time to meet the group for lunch and red lake lodge just out side of Stanly, we then headed for the saw tooth pass, the traffic was heavy and the heat was unbearable worst was getting stuck behind a lot slow moving vehicles, the traffic never got ant better for the rest of the trip. we arrived in Macall around 6:00 pm, at the rustic inn, it was a impressive site two see 25 motorcycles all lined up in front of the motel. On arrival we were given a free drink coupon for a local Micro Brewery which was across the parking lot at the motel, this was a little gem from the moment we walked in, we felt at home, the beer was cold and, the food was great, not to mention the outstanding service. Thanks to Ben and Cristy of Salmon River Brewery. If you are ever in Macall be sure to check them out. Thanks again guys.

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