Thursday, 26 July 2012

Hes Ride Day 6, Wednesday

The ride leaving Coliville started off great, nice sweeping corners, no cops, traffic was light, and road surface good. It was a great road for large sport bikes, and Don also enjoyed it on his wing. Once in Sandpoint, we decided to head down highway 200 S E,  then over to the #28 north. Leaving Sandpoint we had a minor  GPS / operator malfunction that sent us north.

We backtracked and found the 200, then continued south. There was some road construction part of the way, but then moved smoothly along Lake Pend Oreille road. I was looking for a lunch spot, hopefully something on the water so we could take in the scenery.  I noticed a sign for a floating restaurant and we decided to stop and check out, it turned out a great spot lunch. We sampled their Rocking Dog IPA, very nice. Sitting on the water and having lunch is sure a great way to spend your day.

 Unfortunately, we had to get back on the road. We continued S.E towards the connector for the #28 north. It was amazing how quickly the scenery changed. We went from city, to forest, then cottager country and lakes, and finally the prairie with rolling hills. (AWESOME), The #28 dropped us out east side of Flat Head Lake, we then continued north to Kalispell with the final destination being the Outlaw Inn. With another great day of riding behind us, it was time to get some supper and rest. One of the highlights of dinner was the Caesar drinks we ordered. They were nothing like we had seen before, complete with olives/ peppers/ limes /celery that looked like a tree branch, and topped off with a jumbo shrimp. Everyone seemed to enjoy their meals. After we left the restaurant, we headed back to the motel and dropped in the lounge for a night cap.

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