Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Hes Ride Day Five, Tuesday

We hit the road at 10:30 am. heading north to Colville Washington, With a  distance of 572 k, it was going to be the longest ride of the trip. We stopped in the town of Milton Free to get some lunch and supplies. When we stopped at a store,  next to us were 2 wonderful little girls waving at me. The oldest asked if she could take a picture of us, I replied, of course, but you need be in the picture as well. I told their father we would be posting their picture on the blog, and he should check it out (shameless promotion you know). If your checking it out " Hello girls, it was wonderful meeting you today." We decided to have lunch at a little mexicain restaurant in town that  the girls father had recommended called La Ramada, the food was very great and the service was 1st class. After lunch, we continued north and managed to run into more road construction. They have a different way of re-surfacing some of the road down there. they use a process called "Chip Seal". It's a process of putting down a fine gravel ( imaging small sharpe rocks) and then putting tar over top. It was a nightmare to ride, not to mention getting pelted by rocks from on-coming vehicles. Ricks Gopro met it demise (picture coming soon) when the mount broke, not to mention getting run over by a car or truck. The temperature was hot but no unbearable. The rest of the ride to Kettle Falls and Colville went smooth, nice roads and  little traffic.Most of the day was uneventful,except for the two dogs that chased there owners car out onto the road, Rick's quick reaction prevented an incident, but probably woke him up. We arrived in Colville at 7:00 pm and checked into the Comfort Inn. We had dinner at a  little restaurant called " Tony's Italian Eatery." If you're ever in Colville, and want a good meal, make sure to check them out. The food and service are second to none, and they make you feel like your part of the family. What more can you ask for.

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