Sunday, 15 July 2012

You bought the bike, now get out and ride.

 You bought the bike, you have the gear, now it's time get out and use it. With so many interesting places within a couple hours of Calgary, you can make a day ride into a great adventure. Over the coming months, I'll be post some great destinations for day rides and also rides to other parts of Canada and the US. The best part of owning a bike is the freedom it allows to go off and explore. Recently, I decided to leave the pavement behind and get back to exploring the back roads and small towns. This doesn't mean extreme off road by any stretch of the imagination, but exploring the many miles of  back roads that Alberta has to offer. So top up the tank, and lets get on the road to adventure.  Recently, a group of us decided to take a trip to a small town just outside of Drumheller called Wayne. It's an interesting little place with a funky diner called The Last Chance Saloon, situated in the Rosedeer Hotel, nestled in a valley surrounded by the hoodoos. Once you leave the highway, you travel down a secondary road, complete with 11 bridges. The road is user friendly for both street and dual sport bikes, so no need to worry about the Wing. Great place to stop and have a burger and beer, and do a little socializing with other travelers.I can't think of a better way to spend a day. All you have to do is grab a map, pick the destination, and get on the bike and go. Here's a few pictures from some recent rides.

Here we are at the Last Chance Saloon, located 5 mins.out of Drumheller in a town call Wayne. Once you hit Wayne, just follow the signs

Here's a few pictures from a trip we did going the other direction. There's just some much to see if you take the time. If you have a favorite destination or ride, and would like to share, feel free to post it.

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